Below is the list of our Operating Systems:

  • PPS “Painted Plaster System”
  • SPS “Self Prime System” Internal & External
  • SEP “Special Effect Paint” (Decorative)
  • DCS “Deck Coating System” (Epoxy / PU / SL)
  • FCS “Fair Coating System”
  • PCS “Protective Coating System”

  • “Small Things Make big Difference “

    AGE Group supplied all its working staff in sites with all safety equipments needed as per the international sites safety rules and regulations. It has a safety department specialized to make induction for the new working staff  “Trainees”  and safety overheads to make sites safety inspections on its workers.

    The safety department issue penalties on sites workers if not committed to sites safety rules and regulations. AGE Group has a special safety store that is supplied by all the safety tools and equipments needed for its staff at site.