AGE GROUP Holding is a Company registered in Luxembourg 100% Lebanese national owned Company and is managed and operated by AGE GROUP HOLDING INC.

AGE GROUP was established in 2004 to add value to the local market with better contracting & finishing advanced application systems. AGE Group being the mother company it has several entities under, carrying the operations in UAE market.

Originally intended for providing essential services to new construction projects, the Company has developed to an extent where it is now involved in both new construction and maintenance projects for the local market as well as providing “in-house” services to ALL sister companies, managed by the same AGE Group holding Inc. .

AGE GROUP L.L.C. currently employs some 100 permanent skilled and semi-skilled operatives, supported by an efficient network of administrative, logistical support, technical and commercial management/staff.


Founder's Message

Behind every success of a company lies the clarity of its vision, commitment of the individuals, responsible business conduct and satisfaction of its client.

From its inception, AGE GROUP have set its core values which are quality, integrity, collaboration, sustainable business practices and balancing responsibility alongside growth and productivity. Each indiividual working under AGE GROUP is required to work on this approach while delivering his or her role in the company. They define how AGE GROUP interacts with its clients, suppliers, colleagues and competitors. This sheer commitment and dedication to these core values has enable us to grow in the Middle East and UAE region in very short time, maintaining our position as one of the leading Group with 13 reknown and well established companies under its banner. They are also what have made our clients come to depend on us as a core supplier to support them through the largest and most difficult of projects.

Further the economic progress we are now witnessing in this UAE region is indeed a sign of more positive things to come. The government reforms, the business-friendly policies and the substantial investments being made to boost infrastructure facilities are now beginning to create a significant impact on the emirate's socioeconomic standing. Amid all the success that we have achieved, I would like to thank all our investors and our group members for their trust and confidence bestowed upon us and also like to share our continuous support and attention at all times.

Our vision is clear; our values stand strong; we look forward to the prosperous future and more business relationships!

Moutassem Ahmed Itani
Founder AGE Group
Dubai, UAE